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About Us

Einhorn Engineering, PLLC is an engineering services company specializing in ocean engineering related projects. Through the application of classical mechanical engineering and machine design skills, we work to provide solutions for projects involving:

In support of these products, and as stand-alone design projects, we also specialize in the design of fluid power systems specifically for shipboard systems.

Our philosophy is that engineering solutions to these unique problems require the engineer to see their design through from concept to application. This hands-on approach delivers a product that performs as required in the often unpredictable marine environment. Thus, our engineers are involved at each step of the entire design cycle. Starting at concept development and project planning, we follow each project through fabrication oversight and quality control, to test and evaluation.

In addition to engineering solutions, we also provide sea test planning and field support. We have planned and executed a variety of sea test operations in many parts of the world, working with organizations in the commercial, scientific, and government sectors. Visit a gallery of our at-sea experience.