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Custom Solutions

We take pride in seeing our engineering efforts materialize as working solutions at sea.

Beginning with our client’s requirements we function as a design and build firm where we develop the deployment and recovery methodology, concept system arrangement, and detailed design. Working with our network of long-standing fabrication partners, we walk our design projects through the fabrication phase and see the project all the way to landing the fabricated equipment on the deck and performing sea trials.

Launch & Recovery Systems

Innovative handling system solutions for the over-boarding of scientific, military and commercial equipment.

Marine Winch Systems

Designing prototype towing and load handling winch systems for situations that call for more than the standard winch arrangement.

Fluid Power Systems

Specialized and general use hydraulic-power systems designed and built for both marine and industrial systems. We can design/build a system matched to your project specification.

Towed Systems

Whether towing a single towbody or an array of towbodies, our team can transform your requirements into a system specifically designed for the application.

Renewable Energy Systems

Einhorn Engineering is proud to support the development of marine renewable energy systems including Wave, Hydrokinetic, and Offshore Wind

Subsea Housings

Specialized pressure vessels designed to house and protect equipment for your subsea application.