Einhorn Engineering has had the pleasure of working with and on a variety of vessels over our career. Below you'll find a few examples of our work and vessels we have worked with.

R/V Point Sur

The Point Sur is operated by the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium. This coastal class vessel was originally built in 1980 operating in the UNOLS fleet until 2014.

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R/V Oceanus

Built in 1975 and originally operated by Woods Hole, this Ocean Class UNOLS research vessel is now operated by Oregon State University supporting science missions world wide.

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R/V Knorr

First commissioned in 1970 the 279 foot research vessel logged over a million miles in its storied research vessel career.

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R/V Sikuliaq

The R/V Sikuliaq is a state-of-the-art 261 foot oceanographic research ship capable of bringing scientists to the ice-choked waters of Alaska and the polar regions.

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R/V Endeavor

Through 2014, the R/V ENDEAVOR has carried out over 530 cruises and steamed over one million nautical miles in support of science.

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