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Deck Socket Testing System

The Einhorn Engineering Deck Socket Test Fixture is a hydraulically powered machine designed to conduct deck socket tension tests. It consists of a frame-mounted hydraulic cylinder and a hydraulic hand pump. The sockets are tested by screwing a hoist ring fitting into the socket and then applying the prescribed load to the ring.

There are two tests: the vertical test and the 45° test. For the vertical test, one deck socket is loaded vertically using the included basketed eyeless sling. For the 45° test, two deck sockets are tested simultaneously using the included 45° wire rope assembly.

The test fixture can be adapted to test different sizes of deck sockets and accurately apply various loads. Each system is calibrated and load-tested before delivery.

The Deck Socket Test Fixture is furnished with the following as standard equipment:

  • The wheeled frame unit as depicted
  • The required rigging to test both the straight pull and two 45 deg sockets (hoist rings excluded)
  • Hydraulic hand pump with calibrated gauge
  • Connecting hose to locate hand pump 10′ from test fixture
  • Operating instructions (hard copy & electronic)
  • Certificate of proof load test & calibration
  • Storage case for rigging, hose, and hand pump

Deck Socket Testing System

The following are available as optional equipment:

  • Hoist rings sized for your deck sockets (qty. 2)
  • Electric or pneumatic-powered hydraulic power unit (HPU) with handheld pendant control
  • Wooden shipping crate


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