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Carl J. Van Wezel

Carl J. Van Wezel

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Carl’s alma mater is Michigan State, from which he has a degree in mechanical engineering. His experience and exposure with manufacturing techniques and processes has given him a fundamental understanding of the importance of technically accurate data packages. His skills and knowledge with geometric tolerancing and design engineering has made him an indispensable asset to the projects he has been involved with.

Carl’s diverse experience has seen him participating in projects ranging from aerospace missile launchers and medical syringe design to underwater towed sonar array equipment.

He is proficient in all aspects of industry and military standards relating to:

  • dimensioning / drafting,
  • materials / processes,
  • and inspection / quality requirements of mechanical and electrical drawings.

His experience with drawing reviews and tolerance studies ensures that the drawing package will be ready for manufacture the first time. This service eliminates numerous drawing revisions and time to project completion. For weekend entertainment, Carl putts around with golfing and sports car restoration.