Sea Trials

Preparing to test the FMP ballast

Einhorn Engineering team members have planned and participated in numerous sea trials during their careers.  Working with a variety of organizations from around the world, we are skilled at all aspects of sea test preparation and execution.  We have supported operational and oceanographic research cruises on military, commercial and many UNOLS vessels.  You can view some of our past experience in our At-Sea Gallery.

Our engineers can assist you in:

  • Mobilization/demobilization planning and support
  • Rigging plans and deployment/recovery scripts
  • Detailed cruise plans
  • Sea test operations
  • Post cruise documentation

Field Support

Supervising socketing of a towcable termination.

Einhorn Engineering is well versed in the shore-side aspects of ocean engineering work.  Our engineers work closely with partner fabricators to ensure that equipment is built and tested to our specifications.  Staff members routinely visit contractor’s shops to verify production details and confirm project status.  With the high cost per day for a vessel we know the importance of a well thought out project mobilization plan.  Project equipment needs to be able to be quickly and efficiently mobilized on the vessel.  To ensure this we not only prepare detailed deck layouts and mobilization plans but also, regularly walk the weather decks with ship’s crews in order to guarantee the accuracy of those plans.   Our engineers can apply this expertise for your project and provide the following services:

  • Project equipment fabrication oversight and inspection
  • Project preparation and equipment assembly
  • Ship checks and detailed deck layouts
  • Crane, rigging and transportation planning & support
  • Shipyard onsite support as owners representative