Wet Side Junction Box

WSJB coming aboard - Lake Chelan (768x1024)

WSJB coming up through the LTAR chute

The Wet Side Junction Box (WSJB) served as a mechanical and electrical interface between the Lightweight Towed Array Receiver (LTAR) hydrophone array and the electro-optical-mechanical tow cable.  The WSJB shell was designed to clamp around a customer-supplied pressure vessel, with machined cavities fixing the vessel in place.  Transitioning from the tow cable termination to the shell required a unique solution.


Solid model of interior of WSJB showing cable bend radius

Einhorn Engineering began by incorporating a PMI Industries ball & socket type termination into the leading end of the WSJB.  The PMI termination allows for 30 degrees of flex, but no axial rotation.  The WSJB needed to contain the optimal length of cable core in order to allow the termination to flex without violating the cable’s minimum bend radius.  This optimization was modeled in SolidWorks and confirmed with a termination and pressure vessel mock-up.

Open WSJB - Cape Hatteras

Interior of the populated WSJB

The WSJB is constructed of anodized 6061-T6 aluminum, minimizing cost and weight.   A heading sensor and depth sensor  were mounted in the span between the pressure vessel and the tow cable termination.