Marine Winch Systems

Einhorn Engineering provides design solutions for unique, marine winch system challenges.  Our core expertise is in designing prototype, towing and load handling winch systems for situations that call for more than the standard winch arrangement.  We can supply winch designs in hydraulic, electric, or diesel drive with a range of control options.

Navy Marine Winch System

SolidWorks model of a U.S. Navy Levelwinding Drum winch

Our past designs have featured drum sizes from 18″ to 72″ in both smooth shell and grooved designs.

Marine winch

Levelwinding drum marine winch on the FMP system

For weight critical applications we have provided winch systems fabricated from aluminum using both 5XXX series and 6XXX alloys.

Our past designs have featured fail-safe, internal, wet-disc type and drum-band type parking brakes, as well as caliper style dynamic brakes.  Hydraulic winches can be configured for either open circuit or hydro-static closed circuit arrangements.

Winches can be designed to the specific standards required by any of the classing societies.