Launch & Recovery Systems

FMP on Endeavor

FMP lowering on to URI’s RV ENDEAVOR

Einhorn Engineering has a history of providing innovative handling system solutions for the over-boarding of scientific, military and commercial equipment.  We have designed deck machinery to both deploy and tow or deploy and release a variety of payloads.  Past projects have included general usage shipboard A-frames, roll-on/roll-off launch and recovery systems, as well as, permanently mounted ship sets handling payloads in the 50 to 25,000 lbf range.

Max Rover LARS

U.S. Navy MaxRover LARS

Starting with the target payload, operational sea state ranges and intended platform types, we can produce concepts for equipment designed to the standards needed by the customer (ABS, DNV, or Lloyd’s, for example).  Our engineering team will see these designs brought to on-deck, seaworthy equipment by participating in the process from detailed design and analysis through at-sea trials and acceptance.