Fluid Power Systems

Einhorn Engineering designs and builds specialized and general use hydraulic-power systems for both marine and industrial systems.  From overall fluid-power system engineering to custom manifold design, we can design/build a system matched to the project specification.  Our strengths lie in designing hydraulic systems that not only work reliably, but work reliably in open ocean conditions.  This includes construction materials, equipment coating systems, valve and sensor types, electrical and hydraulic connector selection, and component placement.  These are details not necessarily crucial in equipment designed for industrial settings.125 Hp Shipboard HPU

We have implemented a wide range of control approaches in our past designs; everything from standard, direct operator control to automated, motion-controlled systems.  For at-sea applications we have incorporated manual operator valve packages in custom designed enclosure systems to ensure long life on the weather deck, as well as reduced maintenance requirements.  Including manual control over-rides provides the redundancy needed for critical at-sea operations.75 Hp Shipboard Hydraulic Power Unit

Einhorn Engineering has designed both diesel and electrically powered, hydraulic units for on-deck applications and permanently mounted, below deck units.  Fully detailing units in our solid modeling systems allow us to efficiently package units, accurately plan pipe and tubing runs, and easily generate system documentation.

For shipboard installation projects, Einhorn Engineering has experience in preparing ship modification and installation documentation for our hydraulic power and piping systems, as well as serving as on-site representatives to ensure that installation, flushing, and start-up are executed in accordance with the prescribed engineering procedures.