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Towed Systems

Einhorn Engineering has a long history of designing and building towed systems. Whether towing a single towbody or an array of towbodies, our team can transform your requirements into a system specifically designed for the application. Our extensive experience with all aspects of the towed system has resulted in proven equipment that exhibits solid and stable towing performance for the sea states and depths you need to work at.

Tow tank testing of high speed towbody.
Tow tank testing of high-speed towbody.

Utilizing State of the Art Tools for State of the Art Performance

Low towbody drag equates to low tow cable tensions which translates into lighter handling system equipment. This saves costs everywhere from the deployment system procurement to mobilization. Our engineers are skilled in advanced solid modeling techniques and have first-hand knowledge of state-of-the-art manufacturing tools. This combination allows us to leverage technologies such as 5-axis machining and 3D printing in the production of towbodies with highly faired, low-drag form factors.

Experienced in Towed Systems

Deploying the 8 Element OWARS Towed Array
Deploying the 8 Element OWARS Towed Array

We have provided designs for towed systems from 2 to 30+ knots. Our breadth of experience in towed systems allows us to handle all aspects of the towed system including:

Towed system hydrodynamic design

  • CFD modeling and analysis
  • Tow cable catenary analysis

Tow cable specification & selection

  • Electro-mechanical
  • Electro-optical-mechanical
  • Umbilical

Towcable fairing systems

  • Ribbon fairing
  • Wrapped and zipped fairings
  • Hard fairings

Subsea enclosures

  • Oil filled pressure compensated
  • Dry

System instrumentation integration

Subsea electrical design

  • High voltage connector systems
  • Custom harness cable set design

Test planning and performance validation

  • Scale model testing
  • Tow tank testing
  • At-sea tow testing