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Renewable Energy Systems

Einhorn Engineering is proud to support the development of marine renewable energy systems. Whether you have a sketch of a concept for a renewable energy device or a fully operational offshore wind farm, Einhorn Engineering can bring value to your project using our extensive experience designing, building, and fielding machinery for the marine environment. We have provided support on several renewable energy projects ranging from performing analysis to optimizing wave energy converter power generation to developing a test platform for hydrokinetic turbines.

Oscilla Power wave energy converter in test tank
Oscilla Power wave energy converter

Wave Energy Converters

  • Concept Development
  • Energy Production Analysis
  • Prototype Design

Hydrokinetic (tidal)

  • Generator Driveline Design
  • Installation Planning
  • Foundation Design

Offshore wind

  • Custom Handling Equipment
  • Winch systems

Subsea Infrastructure

  • Subsea enclosures (for battery storage or electrical junctions)
  • Mechanical and Electrical terminations
  • AUV/ROV handling equipment and infrastructure