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VDS Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydrualic Power Unit Front
Front of VDS Hydraulic Power Unit

High-performance equipment designated for sea-going missions needs to have proper protection to ensure long-term reliability.  For the towed system, the Navy needed a robust hydraulic power unit (HPU) to power the tow winch and handling system.  Einhorn Engineering partnered with Navy engineers to develop a HPU that addressed a variety of unique challenges.

Hydraulic Tank Weldment

Because maintainability was a strong consideration, Einhorn Engineering designed the hydraulic power unit to integrate an elevated tank.  An elevated tank is ideal for pump suction and makes drainage easy for tank cleaning. The tank body was welded to the hydraulic power unit’s structural members to prevent seawater ingress around the tank’s edges.  Incorporated into the tank’s design was an oil heating element as well as necessary filtration systems.

VDS Hydraulic Fluid Tank
VDS Hydraulic Fluid Tank

Open Circuit and Closed Circuit Controls

With Einhorn Engineering’s vast experience, we optimized the HPU hydraulic circuit by strategically placing controls at the HPU.  We mounted custom-designed manifolds to the HPU connection panel.  With quick-disconnect fittings, mobilization of the hydraulic system was simple and fast.  We ensured plumbing was easy and well organized.

Custom Electrical Enclosure

The VDS handling system has a suite of electrical components to control HPU power and to control the VDS tow winch and handling system.  Naval engineers needed an enclosure that would protect those components, provide superior access, and be rated for the marine environment.  Einhorn Engineering worked with Navy engineers to ensure the components would have ample space for mounting, and make sure cover-mounted switches were accessible and intuitive.  We developed the concept of a flange-mounted electrical enclosure.  It fit perfectly into the HPU structure and prevented seawater ingress.

Custom Panel Mounted Manifold


Quick Disconnect Panel
Quick Disconnect Panel


We performed the fabrication acceptance tests and found that it operated as designed.  Einhorn Engineering developed a custom HPU design when the fluid power needs couldn’t be satisfied with a commercially available unit.

HPU Electrical Enclosure
HPU Electrical Enclosure