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University of Hawaii Hydraulic Power System Upgrade

To increase the reliability of the R/V Kilo Moana’s over the side equipment hydraulic power system, the University of Hawaii enlisted Einhorn Engineering to provide a turnkey solution for a redundant power unit. The existing 125 Hp unit utilized multiple open and closed circuit pumps to operate a variety of equipment.

After conducting a ship check, EE identified a design solution to provide easy switching between units, reduce radiated noise, and greatly reduce the number of hoses and connections. Automated hydraulic switching between power units was done by a custom-designed manifold utilizing only hydraulic pilot signals for control. OEM stand-alone filtration units were incorporated into the same manifold reducing the number of hose connections by 40%.

To reduce radiated noise from the HPU, which is located in close proximity to crew state rooms, the redundant power unit utilized an acoustic filter to reduce hydraulic noise and an oil cooled electric motor to reduce air-borne noise from the electric motor cooling fan.

In support of the project, EE completed the detailed design and drawings of the backup power unit, switching manifold system, shipboard piping installation and all documents for the ABS submittal. For installation, EE provided shipyard onsite oversight and led the commissioning and acceptance testing.