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Sonar System Mounting Frame for R/V Richard Barber

Duke’s R/V Richard Barber

Duke Marine Lab’s R/V Richard Barber, constructed by Safe Boats International, is a 30′ long aluminum hulled vessel.  Einhorn Engineering was tasked to develop an over-the-side mechanism to operate Duke’s ADCPs.

Because of the foam collar and material type, welding to the deck or sidesheet would void the manufacturer’s warranty.  We worked with Safe Boats International Engineers to understand the design of the vessel to develop an optimal design for Duke.  We also worked with the ADCP manufacturers to understand how various mounting locations would affect the instruments’ performance.  We proposed several ideas, such as a hydraulic-powered system mounted on the transom.

Transom Mounted Concept

Ultimately, we worked with Duke to develop a mounting frame to install a Universal Sonar Mount System.  Quick and easy to mobilize, the mounting frame integrates a USM system and a suite of ADCPs onto the vessel.

Frame Concept

The frame drops over the aft section of deck space and bolts to the port and starboard side sheets.  This system minimizes alterations to the vessel structure, requiring only a few extra through-holes.  The frame includes a mounting surface to attach USM’s system, a hand winch to haul it out from the deployed position, and a resting surface for USM’s foil-shaped pole.  The frame is finished with a three-part marine-grade epoxy coating system that ensures protection against corrosion.  Four lifting eyes make the system easy to handle and mobilize.

Mounting Frame

The frame will be integrated with the vessel and instruments in Fall 2017.